All Things Weezer webpage banner 
All things Weezer, the official fan website for the multi-platinum rock band known as Weezer, hired me to create their new web-banner. This project was commissioned to have references from several songs spanning throughout the band’s entire catalogue. In addition to a  web-banner, this piece was also sold as a limited edition print at the 2017 Id10t-Fest Comic-Con/Music Festival, a pop-culture event at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA.

Research and development
When hired to take on this piece of work, I was given a list of song references from each of Weezer’s 11 studio albums. It was up to me to pick the ones I was going to include into the mix. The objective was to place each of the references into a beach scene, like the one seen on the cover of the bands’ “White Album” (pictured right). I researched many of Weezer’s past album covers to obtain a good sense of their tone, imagery, and characters.
Design process from pencil sketch, inks, and colors via Photoshop
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 2016 band front man Rivers Cuomo was quoted as saying “There are so many freaky people at Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and I wanted to capture as much of that as I could..” when asked about the inspiration of the bands’ newest release at the time. This was my inspiration as I crammed as many lyrical references into a beach scene of my own. After getting the ‘OK’ from my client on the pencil sketches, I began to ink each of the sections in, and then adding color.
Full webpage banner design with colors.
The final piece became a collage of visual treasure for any Weezer fan. For the web banner version I included the title of the website (seen on intro page), and for the printed version I included the infamous Weezer logo (following image).
Art print design and layout.
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